Project Description


Tyler Seppala (aka Seps) has been playing the saxophone since the fifth grade. Over a decade of constant performance… from school jazz band concerts to all-night psych rock jams in his friend’s garage… he gradually picked up an eclectic range of different styles, and the ability to play any song with passion and soul.

He’s performed with numerous bands on stages all over California, and has made a name for himself online— bringing in 1.7M+ views on his videos, and 300,000+ streams with his music.

Now that he’s entered the wedding industry, he’s quickly gaining a reputation for being a versatile and impactful player… capable of drawing tears during the ceremony, and then filling the dance floor after dinner.

With his extremely diverse playing experience, it will be a breeze for him to learn your special songs for your ceremony, grand entrances and first dances, and to coordinate with the DJ to make sure your big night flows seamlessly.

Tyler wholeheartedly dedicates himself to preparing for each and every event, and will go out of his way to make memories that last a lifetime!

“I am still in awe. 100/10 absolutely phenomenal. Thank you for above & beyond service. BOOK HIM you will not regret it.” -Reese Free


DJs / MCs