Equipment & Lighting

Extreme DJ brings to your event the absolute best sound and lighting equipment available! Whether your event is for 20 people or 1,000 people, Extreme DJ will provide a high quality sound system perfectly suited for the event and for the setting.

Our DJ systems are fully digital using software such as Serato DJ or Torq new window, allowing us to have over 80,000 songs accessible to us at every event. The equipment is comprised of professional components, neatly installed in clean, attractive flight cases. Our setup is compact and all cables are either hidden from view or securely taped down to ensure safety and low visibility.

We bring back-up equipment to every occasion, to ensure that if any problems should occur, there will be no interruption in the music.


VDJ (Video DJ)

Take your event to the next level with music videos played along with each track. We have thousands of music videos to fit every occasion. Choose from flat panel television screens to a projection setup including an eight foot portable screen.


Up Lighting
UP LIGHTING is the art of painting with light to create a truly magical background. Using up lighting to bring out the colors of your wedding, your bridesmaids dresses, your flowers and other aspects of the venue to help create a truly unique look for your special day.

Effect Lighting
EFFECT LIGHTING – Whether it be a Multi-color light, Lasers, Strobe and or Disco Ball, effect lighting can be very helpful at creating that “Party” Atmosphere while your guests are out on the dance floor.

Pin Spotting
PIN SPOTTING lights have very focused beams that are used to highlight tables or parts of the room. They can be used to illuminate centerpieces or the cake table. They can also be used to light up focal areas of the room where toasts or speeches might be made. Mounted in the ceiling or on stands around the room, these lights add a very polished feel to the overall decor of the room.

Gobo Lighting
GOBO LIGHTING – A very popular trend for wedding reception lighting these days is having a custom cut gobo created to illuminate a stunning design onto a dance floor, wall or other area within your wedding reception. Most often gobo designs consist of the couple’s first names or their three-letter monogram, however it can truly be anything you want it to be in all actuality.


Photo Montage

We offer our Photo Montage Package at a flat rate of $300. It includes the DVD player, Projector, 8″x 8″ Screen and 50″ of RCA cables to run the audio through our DJ equipment.

For the design of the montage:

  • $2 per picture in digital format
  • $3 per picture for us to scan photos and edit photo