Ramtin Mesrinejad

Being born and raised in LA, Ramtin has had the skill of bringing life to parties since 2008. Specializing in any event that requires having good energy and even better music of all genres. Weddings and house parties are a favorite of his!

Ramtin Mesrinejad, otherwise known as DJ Ramtin, has had music in his blood all his life. With a family of musicians, he was familiarized with what lively music was from a young age. His passion in music continued throughout the years with music classes, music camps, and more. Born into a Persian American family, he has a wide genre of music on the top of his head ready to make parties of any occasion special and memorable. His music genres range widely from Middle Eastern, Modern, Top Hits, EDM, Spanish, and more! He was extremely intrigued in the idea of music, which made him wonder what he can do to make music himself. After seeing some of his favorite musicians and DJ’s live, such as DJ A-Trak, his interest and drive for being more involved in music grew stronger. After his dad saw his passion and talent in music, he gifted Ramtin with a full DJ set and turntables. At age 15, he started DJing all the high school parties for his friends. While attending Taft High School, he started getting more professional gigs, being the DJ for all school events.

Word of mouth from highly pleased guests and peers gave Ramtin the opportunity to start picking up more and more gigs. He started DJing Bat/Barmitzvahs, house parties, corporate events, and weddings – weekly! By the age 17, he was not only a full time student, but a full time DJ. He started picking up gigs at clubs in Hollywood while continuing to fill up his schedule with his new and returning clients which gained him an even larger audience. His passion and work grew simultaneously in an effortless manner.

12 years later, his passion and work ethics remain strong and impassioned. While studying to become a Mechanical Engineer, his escape to long hours of studying is to bring joy to party guests on all days of the week. No gig is too small or too big for a DJ who can bring the roof down in any house or venue with his familiarity and passion for all genres of music.