Michael Holdridge

Michael Holdridge has been performing countless events throughout Southern California. He is among the new generation of DJs, inspired by numerous relatives that have passed down the family tradition. His passion for all music types and natural talent will make any event a memorable experience.

Michael is one of Extreme DJ’s youngest Disc Jockeys’, using his smooth mixing abilities to keep the party upbeat with today’s current genres. He also loves put a spin on the record and play classic hits that all generations can relate to.

“To be a DJ you must not only know what songs to play, but really pay attention to the crowd and know when to play the right song at the right time!” explains Michael Holdridge.

Most importantly, every guest will be impressed with his consistent, on beat transitions from song to song while keeping the dance floor full. Michael sets the appropriate vibe for the celebration by keeping the guests entertained while settling in and the party alive throughout the night.

His easy going personality and remarkable expertise in music separates him from any other DJ in this industry.