Kevin Arrieta

Kevin Arrieta’s passion began in the music industry when he worked for Power 106 Radio. During that time he gained vast knowledge in music and it inspired him to buy his own gear and venture out into DJing.

He now has over 14 years of experience as a DJ and Master of Ceremonies where he has performed at several hundred weddings and corporate events. In that time, he also has over obtained 20 years of high level customer service and sales experience.

Having this mixture of experience truly allows him the ability to read, understand, and communicate well with bride/grooms, guests and coordinators with a high level of efficiency. It also allows him to stay focused on making sure itineraries and/or time lines are executed properly.

Kevin has always believed, if you prepare and plan properly you can’t go wrong. His guests come away from his events feeling a sense of comfort, trust, and security that enable them to have the ultimate experience.