Brandon Gervickas

Brandon Gervickas began his DJ journey in High School located in Miami and since then, has had party goers praising him for his very unique style and energetic sets. Brandon loves to dig deep in his library and spontaneously selects tracks appropriate for any given moment, crowd, and venue. Quote “the vibe is always about the musical journey, and not necessarily an expected destination”

Brandon Gervickas meticulously approaches tracks selection to set the exact mood the client is going for…always feel good, upbeat, and addictive; making the guests or partygoers want more.

Brandon has also produced and programmed mixes for various types of events such as fashion shows, radio shows, soundtracks, dance routines, and more.

Since 2010, he has performed for many celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Halle Berry,Cameron Diaz, Drake, Ludacris, DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne to list a few.

Brandon is also a lively entertainer and MC. His easy going personality and ability to entertain is what has made him a success in the industry. His comfort level in front of a crowd and the desire to put smiles on their faces is what has made him a success and in such demand. Outside of the music world, Brandon Gervickas stays busy acting in commercials, movies, music videos, as well as modeling for fashion companies. Brandon is a dedicated Christian who loves people no matter what their story is.